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Business and Personal Phone Numbers

UKPhonenumbers.net is provided to give information on Business and Personal Telephone Numbers.

Information is provided on the following numbers:

   08 Business numbers. (0844, 0845, 0870 & 0871)
   01 and 02 Local numbers.
   03 UK Wide numbers.
   0800 Free phone Numbers.
   070 Personal numbers.

Although this site gives general information on business and personal numbers we are able to supply numbers via FleXtel as a reseller and specific information on their services is provided.

We hope you find this site useful in choosing the right phone number for your business or personal use.

Looking for a Business or Personal Phone Number that you can easily re-route to a UK landline or mobile any time with a host of useful features for FREE?

A FleXtel number has the following features which not all providers can match:

FleXtel numbers are available from Free to Diamond with no setup or service charges.

All you need to do to retain your number is receive one incoming call every 365 days.

We can also sell vouchers enabling you to purchase a FleXtel number at a discounted rate!
Please contact us for more information

Please use this site to obtain more information on the types of numbers available and how they can benefit you.
You can also find all about FleXtel themselves, the services they offer and their terms and conditions by visiting their web site.